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BVFSC 2022/2023 Year - Club Policies

Download the BVAA COVID-19 Procedures and Policies Document here



Due to insurance regulations and Skate Canada policies, all skaters MUST be registered with Skate Canada before their first night of skating. Full payment is required prior to the first night of skating to allow for processing time with Skate Canada. Payments may be mailed to the BVAA or given to a skating club executive member. Mailing address:
P.O. Box 213
Clarksburg, ON
N0H 1J0

Payment may be made PayPal or e-transfer to [email protected].

Rates will not be prorated for late registrations Payment Schedule:(Please contact Executive Members if req'd)
4 installment payment plan for Full Season* program fees:
Due Date Amount
Cheque #1 At time of registration ¼ of program fee + Prepaid Bond Chq
Cheque #2 postdated for Oct. 31 ¼ of program fee
Cheque #3 postdated for Nov. 30 ¼ of program fee
Cheque #4 postdated for Dec. 31 ¼ of program fee.Please submit all cheques at the time of registration*Payment schedule is for Full Season programs only, not 10 week Skate Sessions

Please feel free to contact us if assistance is required.


Overdue Accounts

Any member whose account is past due, due to an NSF cheque will be notified in writing. If the outstanding fees are not paid within thirty days you will be deemed a member “not in good standing” and lose all privileges of membership, including the right to skate in sessions, try badges or Skate Canada tests or competitions.NSF cheques will be subject to a $25.00 NSF fee.

Volunteer Commitment/Prepaid Bond Cheque (N/A for 2022/2023 Season)

Volunteers are what makes this club survive and either a time or financial commitment from each family is a requirement of registration in all skating programs offered.  Not fulfilling your volunteer commitment (time or financial) will deem you as a member “not in good standing”.All Winter Sport registrations are required to complete 2.5, 5 or 8 hours per family (depending on the program) of volunteer time towards fundraising, catering, helping with Carnival, a position on the skating committee, BVAA Executive etc.Required volunteer hours are counted per family, not per child.(eg. 2 Canskaters = 5 volunteer hours total)
(eg. 1 Canskater and 1 Senior Skater =8 volunteer hours total)Kidskate (10 week program)- $50.00 Bond Cheque - 2.5 Volunteer Hours Required

Canskate - $100 Bond Cheque - 5 Volunteer Hours Required

Intermediate - $150 Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
Juniors - $150 Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
Seniors - $150 Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
Morning Ice - No Bond Cheque RequiredNotes:- If a family wishes not to participate in volunteer hours, they may "opt" out of the program and submit their Bond Cheque with their registration payment, at which time their name will be removed from the "volunteer call list" and their Bond Cheque will be cashed.- Bond Cheques will be kept and recorded separately from registration cheques.- Volunteer hours may be accumulated from April 1, 2018 until March 31, 2019- Bond Cheques will be cashed and once volunteer hours are fulfilled will be refunded to parents.- Volunteer Hours will be tracked and logged by the parents - Downloadable pdf file

Refunds 10 week programs: 
1. Refund requests must be made in writing or by email to the Registrar before the 3rd class. All refund requests are subject to BOARD APPROVAL.
2. A $15 administration fee plus the Skate Canada fee of $45.00 will be withheld from all refunds.
3. All refunds will be pro-rated to the date of the skater’s withdrawal from the program.
4. There are no refunds after the 3rd class.
5. Refunds for injury with a doctor’s note will be issued at any time throughout the program.
Full Season programs (Canskate, StarSkate, Power Skating)


Each skater must have a responsible person present in the arena when they skate. Please do not assume our coaches or staff are supervising your children.

Missed Classes

Participants are to attend all classes as scheduled for the program in which they are registered. In the event that a participant is unable to attend a scheduled class(es), make-up classes, refunds, or credits for the missed class(es) will not be provided.


Helmet Policy

All Canskate Skate Canada members participating up to and including Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice. This policy is enforced during all skating activities including competitions, carnival days or any other special on ice activities throughout the season for this level of skater.

The BVFSC may choose to expand the use of CSA approved hockey helmets as they see necessary. In general, anyone who lacks good control/balance when skating forward, backward and has difficulty stopping, as well as maneuvering around obstacles on the ice must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.

A skater beyond a CanSkate Stage 5 level that chooses to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet during a competition or test day will not be subjected to any deductions in relation to the use of a CSA approved hockey helmet.


BVFSC shall not in any way be responsible for loss of property, damage, or injuries to persons, including participants while on the premises.

We reserve the right to change categories or ice times at any times during the skating year, cancel programs where minimum registration levels are not met, and pre-empt ice times for test days and competitions.

The BVFSC is not required to make up lost time or compensate customers for closing arenas due to inclement weather or emergency facility closures.


The BVFSC is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, accuracy and security of your Personal Information in line with principles established by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Personal information such as name, address, telephone number and birth date is shared with Skate Canada for membership purposes. Access to all information is restricted to authorized staff, coaches and volunteers who have been trained in dealing with our privacy standards and who have signed a privacy agreement.

PHOTOGRAPHS: From time to time photographs or video may be taken of the skaters. Any photograph or video may be included on our website or Facebook page, in the local newspapers, or any other BVFSC related document, information sheet or advertising relating to our club. The use of photographs and video will be limited to these purposes. At times we may also publish names with these photos. If you would prefer for your child’s name not to be included please let us know immediately, in writing.