About the BVAA (Beaver Valley Athletic Association)

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 Association Objectives

The Beaver Valley Athletic Association is a volunteer organization, established in 1954 to promote sports activities, sportsmanship and fair play for the youth of our community. Our objectives are as follows:

To establish, organize, encourage, foster, promote and maintain hockey, baseball and all other sports and games for young persons and all other persons in the community of the Town of the Blue Mountains and surrounding municipalities.

To arrange games, tournaments, matches and competitions of every nature and to offer or grant and to contribute towards prizes, awards and distinctions.

To create, foster, support and promote an interest in athletic games, recreation and sports for young people and all other persons in the community.

To promote recreational and all other facilities for the community to promote our goals.

About the Beaver Valley Athletic Association

The Beaver Valley Athletic Association was established in the 1950’s, to run baseball and hockey in our community. In 1967 the “Women’s Auxiliary” joined and the association added figure skating to its sports. Soccer was added in the 1970’s. The BVAA became an incorporated not-for-profit organization in 1998. In 2011 the hockey program merged with Meaford and although the BVAA no longer runs this program, they help the Georgian Shores Hockey Association and have a member who sits on their board. Our newest sport, Lacrosse, became a reality in 2012.

The BVAA is much more than a sports association. It is an integral part of our community. Our association was instrumental in the building of our current arena, assisted with the construction of our ball diamonds and lobbied for our current soccer fields. It was the BVAA who began the sport registration subsidy for families in need, by donating funds to the BVO to start this project. The BVAA is committed to our community’s betterment and continues to assist worthy projects.

The BVAA strives to make all of its sports affordable to all youth in our community. Our registration fees are the lowest in the area and we subsidize these through our community catering and other fundraisers.

When your child joins one of our sport programs, they are not just joining a team and you are not just participating in a sport. You are supporting this great community that we live in and contributing to its well being.