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KIDSKATE - Fall Session Oct.15/2018 - Dec.17/2018 - $150.00

KIDSKATE - Winter Session Jan.7/2019 - Mar.25/2019 - $150.00

CANSKATE - Oct.1/2018 - Mar.25/2019 - $250.00

SHOOTING STARS - Oct.1/2018 - Mar.28/2019 - $385.00

JUNIORS - Oct.1/2018 - Mar.28/2019 - $400.00

SENIORS - Oct.1/2018 - Mar.28/2019 - $400.00

PRE POWER SKATING - Fall & Winter Discount (sign up by Oct.1,2018 Session Oct.15/2018 - Mar.25/2019 - $250.00

PRE POWER SKATING - Fall Session Oct.15/2018 - Dec.17/2018 - $150.00

PRE POWER SKATING - Winter Session Jan.7/2019 - Mar.25/2019 - $150.00

POWER SKATING - Fall & Winter Session Discount (sign up by Oct.10/2018) Oct.10/2018 - Mar.20/2019 - $330.00

POWER SKATING - Fall Session Oct.10/2018 - Dec.19/2018 - $195.00

POWER SKATING - Winter Session Jan.9/2019 - Mar.20/2019 - $195.00

Pick-up Hockey

*** Don't forget to Print, sign and bring this waiver to the arena with you! ***

MONDAY NIGHT - Mixed, Ages 6-11 - Drop-in - $15.00

MONDAY NIGHT - Mixed, Ages 6-11, 19 weeks Monday, Oct 15/2018 to March 25/2019. - $225.00

PARENTS: NEW Bond Cheques*

The BVAA has revised our registration process so we will be taking payment for the program costs and the volunteer hours upfront. Then once families have completed their volunteer hours, they will be issued a refund for those hours.

Please refer to the ** NEW chart ** before selecting an option.


If you are registering more than one child for skating, you are only required to fulfill the volunteer hours for the skater at the highest level in your family. For the other children, please select the option "I have already paid my bond fee".

Select the bond cheque amount that will be added to your registration fees:

I have already paid my bond fee with another child's registration - $0
Kidskate - $50 (Prepaid bond/Refunded after 2.5 volunteer hours completed)
CanSkate - $100 (Prepaid bond/Refunded after 5 volunteer hours completed)
Shooting Stars - $150 (Prepaid bond/Refunded after 8 volunteer hours completed)
Junior - $150 (Prepaid bond/Refunded after 8 volunteer hours completed)
Senior - $150 (Prepaid bond/Refunded after 8 volunteer hours completed)
Pre-Power - $50 (Prepaid bond/Refunded after 2.5 volunteer hours completed)
Pre-Power Full Season - $100 (Prepaid bond/Refunded after 5 volunteer hours completed)
Power-Skating - $0 (Non voting member status)
Pick-up Hockey - $0 (Non voting member status)

Medical Concern:

Special Request:(Sorry, absolutely no guarantees)


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Consent for Use of Personal Information
Photo waiver: I hereby give permission to B.V.A.A. to take photographs of my child, children or myself as part of this program. I understand that the photographs may appear in the advertising, on B.V.A.A. website, and or the Facebook page.

I Agree to the Consent for Use of Personal Information statement


BVAA Hazzard Disclaimer*:
By signing this document you will waive certain legal rights, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

Disclaimer: The participant, including his or her parents/guardians, in signing this registration form, chooses to participate in this program at his or her own risk. B.V.A.A accepts no liability for bodily injury, death, property or loss due to any cause whatsoever, including, without limitation, negligence on the part of B.V.A.A its elected officials, employees, volunteers, instructors and agents.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this agreement, and by signing it voluntarily, I am agreeing to abide by these terms.


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